About Liverpool Long Reads

Liverpool is incredible.

But it isn’t perfect.

This website was created to highlight both these indisputable facts.

As a fictitious bartender once said, journalism should “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Yet, wherever we look in 2019, the media landscape is awash with PR, pap – and salt and pepper chicken.

Nobody gets comforted, nobody gets afflicted.

We want to change that.

Authority should be, needs to be, questioned, examined and scrutinised.

Power should be, has to be, confronted, debated and criticised.

Institutions need to celebrated, questioned, held to account.

Attitudes should be interrogated.

And everyone has a story that deserves to be told.

We want to poke in dark corners, bring to light city-wide injustices and offer a voice to those who feel they have been silenced and forgotten.

We want to demonstrate the very best humour and humanity in Liverpool.

We want people to be interested, in touch and informed.

We want the town hall to take notice.

We want you to join us.

Original journalism; original photography.

One story at a time; once a week.

Writing that goes broader and deeper – told by people who know and love the city.

Independent. In depth. In Liverpool.

Season One

Chapter One

Police investigations, High Court drama and a council civil war all share a common nexus point – Liverpool’s green and open spaces.

Chapter Two

Scouse Exceptionalism: Liverpool is great, special, different. But what does this narrative mean for the city – and could it be damaging?

Chapter Three

Liverpool has a thriving theatre scene. But what does the city has to do to safeguard its theatres – and what do audiences want in 2019 Netflix Britain?

Chapter Four

Sparks of Hope
From bakeries to laundrettes, communities are fighting back in north Liverpool against a backdrop of government austerity and mishandled regeneration.